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  Francis Marion (AKA "The Swamp Fox") was a revolutionary war hero from South Carolina, who led a band of American Patriot Militia in the fight for freedom from the British Empire (1779-1781). Colonel Tarleton, feared and ruthless commander of the British Legion Calvary Unit was tasked with his demise, but failed in his mission despite taking extreme measures against the populace, like burning their homes and hanging suspected sympathizers. With a bounty on his head and the Red Coats on his tail Francis Marion and his band would strike a blow to British positions or enterprises then disappear into the swamp. After chasing him for hundreds of miles without success Tarleton stated: " Even the Devil himself couldn't catch that old Swamp Fox". The Swamp Fox continued leading the resistance and encouraging fellow Patriots until the Brits. surrendered to the Americans under Gen. George Washington at Yorktown, VA. October 19, 1781.

    I believe we should honor the heroes of our great country, it's humble beginnings and the sacrifices that they have made. They were not perfect for sure, but they took a stand for freedom and we can thank them for that. I can best honor Francis Marion by making the best handcrafted frames in America, at a great price, here in his stomping grounds of South Carolinas low country.