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The Swampfox Bikes Weld Lab has been developing some bikes specifically designed to deliver food efficiently and affordably. The E-cargo bike is a very capable machine for delivery, with one minor exception , it is not as manuverable as a standard bike. The new Master Delivery Bike is made to haul food and is currently being extensively tested to meet this demanding task. 



Master Delivery Bike

 The Master Delivery Bike, spawn from the Swampfox

weld lab. Gridlock, high gas prices, no problem for a machine like this. Let us build a custom one for you.


Precious Cargo Bike

 This Cargo Bike is currently set up with an open front cargo area (18 x 24 in.), with a bench seat. It can carry just about anything, like a guitar, boxes, books or tools. To carry children I normally will close in the cargo area with a basket or box.


Cargo Bikes  We build all types of cargo bike, some with baskets, some with boxes.  E-cargo Bikes start at an additional $600. We can build one custom to fit your needs. Our cargo bikes are capable of carrying up to 200 lbs. of cargo safely and securely.


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