Our Bikes

     I am currently building Long John Cargo Bikes with 48V rear hub motors. In our modern cities these are the pack mules of the 21st Century.  Tired of being stuck in traffic? These special machines can easily carry young children and gear to places they need to go and 

dramatically simplify your life. Please check back soon to see what we are building.

  •     I also repair metal frames, make racks and do custom modifications, like disk brake mounts and mounts.

  •     If your interested please give me a call. I will be glad to answer any questions. 



 Swamp Fox Bikes

Swamp Fox Bikes

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Text: 603-820-2399

email: reynoldsweldlab@yahoo.com


Tall bikes are for the fearless few who dare look at tractor trailer truckers in the eyes. This beast of burden gets more stable as you load it up.

 I designed this Guitar carrier two years ago. Lower hoop mount attaches to fork, upper mount attaches to handlebar, two bungie cords hold it in place, It works excellently.


Flowing thru traffic like a cool ocean breeze delivering food and medicine is easy sailing with 1200W, 48V Direct Drive throttle E-Bike.