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We build Cargo Bikes


Beast of Burden :This bike can haul it all, kids, dogs, and anything else you can think of. 
This machine has a 2 ft X 3 ft cargo box, with folding bench seat, to carry two children side by side. Several options are available for closing in the sides. A true hybrid,
pedal or throttled direct drive rear hub motor, 48V, 20A hr LiPo4
battery. Longrail for the long haul.


BBusiness Title


This long rail cargo bike will fit 5' to 6'3" riders, can easily carry two youngsters

on rail seat, with one sitting behind the other.  Seat folds up for hauling cargo.  7 speed drive train on step thru frame. Smooth ride and easy to pedal.

These are great for carrying guitars, musical instruments, or any bulky items.

The low decks on these machines really

helps balance the load.

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