Swamp Fox Bikes

We are now building Cargo Bikes in 

Myrtle Beach SC

Made in USA

I have designed building custom gravel bikes and single speed's.



 I am focusing all my energy on building Long John Cargo Bikes, designed to carry your children and your gear. Options will include 48V rear hub motors. Top speed 28 mph and range of 30 mi. If your a two car family, one of these can easily replace one of your cars.  


above: Longrail Cargo Bike w/ child seat folded up, to carry stuff. Right: shows bike ready to haul kids. 

 I have built and designed 

several low decked Long

John Cargo bikes, but I like the vertical stiffness of this design. It's simple, the strength 0f the bike is in the central plane of the bike.

I'm working on some hand rails and a box so stay tuned. 

 I call these Longrail Cargo Bikes because they have a long rail in the middle dividing the cargo box and are strong, light and true. These Beasts of Burden  ride like they are on rails and haul ass. I can build cargo bikes with low decks but they are heavier and not as strong.

George Reynolds 
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