I can motorize your bike with an ebike kit or gas motor. Ebike kits are great for shorter range of 25 -30 mi. For the long haul four stroke gas engine friction drive kits will provide all day performance, aveaging 120+ mpg.


 Above is a commuter bike set up w/ a Staton  Inc. Friction Drive kit, (49 cc, 2 stroke German Solo Engine.)

  This bike is set up to carry a guitar and a bunch of gear, disk brakes, 7 speed with 56T chainring, and will cruise all day 25-30 mph.


  Far left, mesh basket long rail cargo bike with long banana seat and rear hydraulic disk brake.

On near left, Jumbo basket with folding bench seat. This one is set up with a 1000W Direct Drive hub motor powered with a 25 AH, 48V LiPO battery, smooth and efficient.